Tap into your critical reasoning, networking, and racing skills to solve riddles about the Texas planning community! There will be a total of seven riddles to solve throughout the #APATX19 conference. Winners will receive a special Prize Bag with: Ideation Planning swag; a rare, custom-made #plannerd button; a Starbucks mug; the pride of winning; and a gift card! Mark yourself as "going" to make sure you get the riddles as they are posted! Riddles will also be posted on Twitter at the same time (@ideationplan).

Here's how it works:

1. Riddles will be posted on the Ideation Riddle Race Event Page (@ideationplanning) and the Ideation Planning Twitter (@ideationplan). There will be a total of seven from Wednesday to Friday.
2. To win a riddle race, contestants first need to solve the riddle, then retrieve a Golden Ticket from the riddle answer (i.e. the planner). All riddle answers will be a planner at the conference.
3. After obtaining a Golden Ticket for the active riddle, take a photo with the planner and make a public post to at least one social media platform, tag Ideation Planning, and include #plannerd and #APATX19 in the post. (For example, on Twitter it would be something like: “I solved an @ideationplan riddle, and found this awesome person! Ready for my prize! #plannerd #APATX19”
4. Once posted, bring the Golden ticket to Abra Nusser in exchange for a Prize Bag! Text her at 972.339.8186 if you can’t find her. You are not eligible for your Prize Bag without the Golden Ticket and a public post per #3 above.
5. Once a riddle is solved, the winner’s post will be retweeted or shared to let you know you can wait for the next riddle to solve!
6. Attendees are only eligible to win one Prize Bag each.

Helpful resources:

APATX Website: https://www.apatx19.com/

APATX19 Website: https://www.txplanning.org/

APATX19 Brochure: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/1b42d2_7eec917d6beb474994868cd035033b95.pdf

Networking & Chitchat

All riddle answers (i.e. planners) will be present at #APATX19


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